I'm Savannah, and I love Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas. So I will be posting a lot of these two people. But they aren't the only ones I'll post. I'll be posting One Direction, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers, Ashley Tisdale, Ashley Greene, Danielle Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and many more. I love those people listed a lot. So yeah, I'll stop now. I always ramble too much.

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#reading #easter #happyeaster

posted 3 days ago
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My dinner for tonight #goldfish #strawberryshortcake

posted 4 days ago

If me wearing make up to school was different, wearing a dress for once will be a lot different

posted 1 week ago

Dressed and ready for work #subway

posted 1 week ago
· subway 

I’m just guessing but I think my bangs need to be cut again

posted 1 week ago

Yeah. Seeing Zac Efron having his shirt ripped off everywhere made Monday 100% better. Too bad I missed that last night on tv

posted 1 week ago

I have a #Cheetos tongue

posted 1 week ago
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She’s my baby, that’s my actually my sisters baby.

posted 2 weeks ago
posted 2 weeks ago

My #kik is the saddest account I have. I hardly ever use it

posted 2 weeks ago
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